This is David Duncan's Second Draft, and the credit is his alone. The draft is undated. 
A later draft of the script is dated April 16, 1959, and is credited to both David Duncan and Philip Yordan. This later script has no draft number, and is stamped "FINAL." It contains pages dated variously dated April 16 (the bulk of the script), May 25 (changes to the opening scene where The Time Traveler and his friends discuss the nature of dimensionality and send the model off on its trip through time), and June 15 ( re-write of the underground scene where George rescues Weena).
We know that it was Yordan who contributed the "talking rings" sequence, and those pages in the "FINAL" script carry the earliest date, April 16, so Yordan's work pre-dates the inclusion of the changes in the "FINAL" draft. 
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