Something that's always baffled me - and apparently others, too, is the possessive form of the name "Wells." Although it "looks" wrong, "Wells's" is correct, and what appears on this title page is wrong.  
"An Invention" is the book's subtitle. According to Stover, it "...refers to both the time machine itself and to the Time Traveller's tale as a fictional device." The subtitle was not retained in the film. Parenthetically, my spell checker rejects "Traveller's," preferring "Traveler's," but the first is Wells's chosen spelling in the book.
Those of you who always wanted to know where George Pal lived and what his phone number was have now had your wish granted. Was this the home that was later destroyed in a fire?
The "Please return this script" portion of this page is perforated  just above the "Date" line. The "16" is the number of this particular copy of the script. as printed by Enterprise Printers and Stationers.
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