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In response to a fan's letter received shortly after the film's release in 1960, George Pal wrote that "...sadly, Russell Garcia's score for the movie has never been released on records."

Today, the entire score is available on CD. But there was one record released in 1960... a 45 r.p.m. single which featured the theme from the film. The flip side has the "London 1900" theme.


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"The Time Machine" Soundtrack

1.   Main Title / Credits 1:55
2.   London 1900 (Filby's Theme) 2:40
3.   Time Machine Model 0:47
4.   The Time Machine 1:57
5.   Quick Trip Into The Future 2:43
6.   All The Time In The World 0:33
7.   Beautiful Forest / The Great Hall 2:10
8.   Fear 1:31
9. Weena (Love Theme) 1:46
10. Rescue 2:08
11. Reminiscing 2:12
12. Morlocks 2:24
13. End Title (Reprise) 1:16
14. Fight With The Morlocks 3:33
15. Time Traveler 2:26
16. Escape 3:31
17. Prayer / Off Again 1:41
18. Trapped In The Future 2:18
19. Love And Time Return 2:33
20. End Title 2:13

Plus... A Garcia theme from another Pal film:
21. Atlantis, The Lost Continent (Overture): 6:59
Main Title / Credits, Love Theme, Night Scene, Submarine, End Title.


Reviews from

A superb digital sound track recording all the way.
I have personally never sat down to write a top ten list of my favorite film scores. "THE TIME MACHINE" would definitely be on that list. One could not ask for a finer recorded CD let alone a film score that was never to my knowledge placed on tape or vinyl LP. For those who liked the movie and its film score, this CD is a "must own".

BRAVO! A Stirring Emotional Rekindling Of Childhood Memories
Russell Garcia's stirring and emotional THE TIME MACHINE score is such a magnificent achievement! This music brings back so many wonderful childhood memories of this landmark sci-fi movie. Fans who have been waiting for this recording and will not be disappointed. It is everything and more one could hope for. Thank you a thousand times for making this album. Director Arnold Leibovit who made the equally incredible movie tribute "The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal" (which I believe is available on his SCIFISTATION.COM website) should be given an award for making both this album and his film on perhaps one of the most important yet little known figures in the entire movie industry - George Pal. Everyone has taken credit and re-adapted the grand achievements of innovator and sci-fi pioneer Pal including Spielberg, Lucas, Cameron you name it!. Thankfully Leibovit remembers and continues to carry the torch for the fans of the world. Top Kudos should also go to record distributor Crescendo for releasing THE TIME MACHINE album as well!! And check out the wonderful "Atlantis, The Lost Continent" Overture (another Russell Garcia composition) that has been added as an extra bonus and without any fanfare. Just totally amazing artistry and producing smarts!

Top Ten Sci-Fi Score of All Time! An absolute Gem of Gems!!
One of the most sought-after film scores by collector's and science fiction movie buffs is Russell Garcia's THE TIME MACHINE. This score is a remarkable achievement based on perhaps George Pal's greatest and most memorable Oscar winning films. It is also a first time release of the score after so many long years. Bravo to the producer and record company for making it and releasing it!

The score and its production are noteworthy for a variety of reasons. One it is produced by director and producer Arnold Leibovit - who made one of the finest tributes to a fantasy filmmaker ever done i.e. THE FANTASY FILM WORLDS OF GEORGE PAL - which premiered at the Motion Picture Academy and later aired on the Disney Channel and PBS. Leibovit a fan and friend of George Pal not only produced this noteworthy film but did a second tribute THE PUPPETOON MOVIE, another excellent achievement and of course produced this excellent memory filled album. Leibovit is currently producing a remake of THE TIME MACHINE with Warner Brothers and 7 FACES OF DR LAO with Warner's and New Line Cinema.

An added unexpected bonus on this album is a 7 minute suite from ATLANTIS, THE LOST CONTINENT another Garcia effort and George Pal movie. The score is a very stirring heroic romantic piece that rekindles many memories. It is another of the veteran Russell Garicia's greatest scores. It is really a thrill to hear it again. Wow!

THE TIME MACHINE has many dynamic moments that give one goose bumps hearing. The score is built primarily around a lilting romantic theme which characterizes the idyllic life of the Eloi whom Rod Taylor (the time traveller) finds in the 800th millennium. Guttural trombones and rasping high brass exclamations represent the fiendish Morlocks. In contrast, and perhaps the most memorable part of the Garcia work, is the soft woodwind ballad representing the Victorian 1900 time frame which recurs occasionally to rekindle Taylor's memory of his home and the! camaraderie of his dear lost friend Filby (portrayed by Alan Young who is also known for playing Wilbur on "Mr. Ed"). As the legendary story goes - in an audition by the composer with director George Pal - Garcia played this very theme on a piano. Pal was so enthused he hired Garcia on the spot to do the score.

Both of these film scores are among the best of the 1950's-1960's science fiction film and it is a treat to have them so nicely recorded and presented.

They are really the symbolic spirit of George Pal himself - who lives on forever in these scores. Much commendation to album producer Arnold Leibovit! and GNP Crescendo for making this magnificent and very collectible score available after so many years.

The album should win an award and get wide accolades and attention by all those who love movie scores!! Run out and get a copy as soon as you can

Find out about the song they DIDN'T use in "The Time Machine."

  Don Brockway, July 7, 2000 (updated October 12, 2004)


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