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Original Time Machine blueprints from 1959 by William Ferrari. Use them for your own model!
They were first published by David Hutchison in Special Effects Photo Guidebook vol 2 (1980) and then later in Starlog for the Glassar/Chaides story. The current owner of these blueprints is Bob Burns.

A little mystery: does the original 1960 Time Machine have square or rectangular quadrangles?

The real Time Machine chair by Chris Perrotta

See my life-size Time Machine lever

Bob Burns from California, USA
Don Coleman
from California, USA <--Updated!
Bob Daggett from California, USA <--A really NICE model!

Troy Enlow from Seattle in Washington, USA

Granite City Mechanician
in Scotland, UK
Bruce Holroyd
from Pennsylvania, USA
Simon Johnson
from UK
Keesie from the Netherlands
Harvey Mayo
from California, USA <--IMPORTANT! Read this carefully!
Chris Perrotta
from California, USA
Sandra Petojevic
from Sweden
Miscellaneous models
Time Machine-like devices
-- one from the past, one for the future
Destroyed timepieces -- instead of destroyed Time Machines
Art Gallery -- collages and original artwork with time machines

Offsite are more nice Time Machine models made by:

Tom Haney from Georgia, USA
Peter Hanson from New Zealand
Rob Niosi from USA

John Rigg from Washington, USA
Heinz Westerweller from Germany

Build your own paper model (445 kb jpg-file) Japanese style!
(Thanks to John Rigg who found it on the site!)

Offsite are also more nice Time Machine-like devices made by:

Tatjana van Vark from the Netherlands

Some Time Machine model-makers work not in wood, metal and wire,
but within computer programs -- to generate exquisitely rendered pictures of the machine.
Five Computer-Designers that have "taken on" The Time Machine:

Ian Emerson from Scotland
Rick Hallock from
Simon Meacock from UK
Chris Perrotta from California, USA
Rich Warsinger from California, USA

Offsite are more nice virtual Time Machine models made by:

Peter Loader from Australia
Heinz Westerweller from Germany

Buy your own George Pal style Time Machine models offsite:

Comet Miniatures (scale 1:12)
Lunar Models (scale 1:10)
N.B.: Not Available any longer, it closed up in March 1, 2008
Masterpiece Models (scale 1:6)

Latest update: May 2, 2019

Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts
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