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time mach.jpg (54914 bytes)Gotta have your very own model machine? Monsters In Motion will build, paint and ship you a finished Lunar model -- similar to the one above left -- for $675.00 (Scroll down the left side of their page to find The Time Machine). 


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Edturner.jpg (383436 bytes)But you'd do far better to order up a 'Lunar Build-up' from Ed Turner... just check out the illustrations below! I've seen plenty of Lunar kits given the royal treatment by very talented model-makers... and Ed's is flat-out great! The model pictured below went for over $600 in a recent eBay auction, and if you ask me, the winning bidder got the bargain of the (last) century! 





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A model made in the UK (from a UK kit?)  recently up for auction on eBay.



mystmodel1.JPG (85474 bytes) There's a long story behind this model. Claimed to be a Wah Chang "original," it was not, and the seller was later brought up on charges for selling "counterfeit" props from a number of movies. Note that the chair on this model matches the chair in the miniature model in "The Time Machine." The Lunar Models version (and Granite City's, and most models) are small models of the full-sized Time Machine, with the "barber chair," rather than copies of the miniature, which does not have the "barber chair."

mystmodel2.JPG (73558 bytes)I saw this model in person, but declined to purchase it (the asking price was somewhere between four and six thousand dollars) and was rather stunned when I heard about the legal difficulties the seller later got into. He was very pleasant and hospitable.

mystmodel3.JPG (80138 bytes)Another view of the "Mystery Machine," actually built by Steve Stockbarger. This machine works, by the way. The wheel spins and the lights light! A lovely model - even if its origins were misrepresented.


7000ebaymach1.jpg (30115 bytes)Hope springs eternal on eBay, where this machine was recently up for auction with a starting bid of $7000. Item #288718138 if you'd care to look. The complete description: "The TIME MACHINE is down to the detail Prop Replica model of the original prop from The George Pal Classic "THE TIME MACHINE" that lights up & has a motor which turns the wheel. Another nice feature is the velvet seats. Size equals 12" X 12".See Photo. Seller pays shipping."


Don Brockway, January 17, 2000 (updated October 12, 2004)


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