Answer: Culture Shock

Right answer: This picture is the most disturbing one!

Young woman standing on the Time Machine year 1970 or 1971 For the Matebians this picture is the most disturbing one because of three things:

1. The person on the Time Machine is a woman. Ordinary people - and expecially women - are forbidden even to touch the Holy Throne of His Divine Highness the Tranibor.

2. The woman is also STANDING on the Time Machine and even that with her shoes on! This is an tasteless and awful sacrilege!

3. The standing woman wears no burkha (a Matebian and Terranian-Taliban veil). This means she is a prostitute and they have the lowest rank of all Matebian people. Prostitutes are the most unclean of all Matebian people and the only ones more unclean are the non-Matebians. If this woman standing on the Time Machine is not Matebian, this will start a bitter war between the Matebians and the woman's people, if this woman is Matebian, she and her entire family will be stoned to death by the sun priests.

For us Terranians this is only an ordinary nice woman standing on a MGM movie prop in the year 1970 or 1971 and is mentioned in the documentary film Time Machine: The Journey Back after the Time Machine was sold in the MGM auction 1970 and then became a part of a sideshow, until 1971 when it was sold and then disappeared until 1974, when Bob Burns bought it. And look at the generatorpod! Due to the many times use of hot photo-floodlights it has became deformed. And look at the control-panel! It is the one made 1970 by Tom Scherman for the MGM auction. In the background is the "Kismet" steps - the same steps as in the MGM George Pal film "The Time Machine" and also in the MGM film "Quo Vadis" before it.

This picture was found in the peculiar Japanese site

Wrong answer: This picture is not the most disturbing one!

A fat Matebian emperor in the gore-smeared Time Machine year 1319 or 1319 This picture is not disturbing at all for the Matebians - on the contrary - it is a reverential one! His Divine Highness the Tranibor is about to departure back to his home, the Eternal Sunny Heaven. The gore from the human sacrifices on the runners, railings and wooden base gives the power to the Holy Throne (because the Matebians do not know that the extra-Artezanian rock crystal (from Tibet in Terra Geopal!) is powering it).

For us Terranians it is disgusting with human sacrifice and gore, but this was not always. Remember the Aztec and Maya people before the Spanish arrival! For them - and the Matebians - the vital blood of strong men is the best one can give to the Son of the Sun God. And dont forget - today the Catholics claims that the red wine in the chalice becomes the sacrificed blood of Jesus Christ the Savior at every Holy Communion - and the priest is drinking it under the ceremony! And look at one scene in the George Pal film "The Time Machine": George Wells is sacrificing blood on the Time Machine before the departure into the future!

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